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If your interested in training contact me by
email or call my cell.  If I am busy ( and most
days I am ), I'll call you back.  I train clients in
my private home gym in the heart of the Galleria,
between Westheimer and Richmond Avenue.  

Have a great summer!

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Hard at work in the gym ....

Well, kinda. Client Jenny W. came onboard in
2007 and has been with me ever since. I have
been a personal fitness trainer for the past
15 years, when I started with just one client -
Today, we have almost 40+ clients in a personal,
private setting.  The key to make personal
work for the client is to inculcate the
client on
proper nutritional choices.  If you eat right,
you'll make it.  If you don't ...

Here's to a great summer!
Client Success.  It's
a good thing.  Sadly,
very few make it.
With a proper diet,
weight training in my
gym and a bit of
cardio, Jessica lost
nearly 90 lbs.  You
must sacrifice to
achieve your fitness
goals.  Don't quit.
You'll make it.  Read
Jessica's Story here.
235.1 lbs.
153.5 lbs.

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* You must sacrifice to achieve your fitness goals *
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