PowerTec Multi-System

We purchased the PowerTech WorkBench Multi-System in early 2014.  Once it was
installed, clients tried it out and loved it.  Its simple, easy to learn, easy to push or pull
and provides almost 13 complete exercises:  bench, lat row / lat pull, shoulder press, shoulder
pull, hack squat, calf raise, bicep curl, individual shoulder press, hanging pull down,
tricep pull down ( with attachment ) while providing a bench for another dozen
exercises with dumbbells.  After several weeks - our clients renamed it ... "The Transformer."

Check out several YouTube videos on  the PowerTec Multi-System:

official video on the multi-system ( 6 min. ).
Lee Priest working out on the PowerTec ( 10 min. ).
Ian Lauer working back on the PowerTec ( 7 min. ).

Visit the main
PowerTec website.