Peera H.

149.2 lbs.
Weight ( start )

129.1 lbs.
Weight ( end )

22.0 lbs.
Body Fat Loss Total

Peera's diet consisted
of a cross between
traditional Thai and American
food.  He was able to
engineer his diet to eat
less, cut carbs out at
night and fix his own meals
thereby cutting down on the
daily calorie count.  

He achieved the type of
result that is very hard for
a true asian ectomorph:
slimming down while build-
ing lean body muscle.

Peera's consistency was
the key to success.  
Despite the fact he
was working a crazy
schedule as a Gastro,
Peera's drive led to him
to come to training even
when he didnt want to,
or couldnt ( dental appt ).
Outside of several fillings,
he never missed a session.
I recently heard from in
California:  "Having a great
time, miss Houston, and
our workouts!"  I do too,
Peera took my diet to heart and began eating healthy, non-stop,
6 out of 7 days per week the moment he started. He was on
time, everyday for an entire year. He missed training only once
( dental appointment ) and even came to training twice with the
flu ( thanks ). With a dedicated work ethic as a Gastroenterologist
researcher and virulently busy schedule, Peera always kept to his
training times.  I've had many clients achieve a more extra-ordinary
weight loss, but 20+ lbs for a 30-year old Asian with an
ectomorphic somatype is true success. He's laid the foundation
for an even more substantial body change with his move to Los
Angeles for his Fellowship at UCLA.  Really hate to see him go.  
His dedication, training ethic and stick-to-it mental drive has
laid the foundation for an even bigger physical fitness future.
* You must sacrifice to achieve your fitness goals *
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* You must sacrifice to achieve your fitness goals *
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