Fitness Tips

These tips are the *main guidelines* I use to train my clients and
the same tips I apply when in my gym or eat in my kitchen. Every-
thing taught to clients has been gleaned from this singular
approach to fitness and nutrition.  These tips work.

  • Stop eating after 7:00 p.m.
  • Stop eating carbs after 3:30 p.m.
  • Restrict your "bad meal" to Saturday / Sunday or
    spread out one bad meal over a week.
  • Drink 8-9 glasses of purified water each day.  Buy a
    Brita filter and keep it in the fridge.  
  • Eat 4-6 small meals each day in lieu of the standard "three
    squares".  Your body's metabolism will burn more fat.  I eat
    2-3 meals per day.  Plan ahead.  
  • Eat fast food once a week if your a fast food junkie.  
    Remember this food will not hurt you if you eat it once a
    week; fast food should be enjoyed as a bad meal  once a
    week or better, once every two weeks.    
  • When shopping for food at the supermarket, purchase
    items on the outside aisles of the store (bread, fish,
    meat, milk, vegetables, fruit, etc.) where the food is 'alive', i.
    e, nutritious, as opposed to the interior of the store, where
    the food is 'dead' or non-nutritious.  You will notice the
    obese and morbidly obese shop the interior (candy, soda,
    canned food, etc.) stuffing their grocery buggies with crap.  
  • Eat real, non-hormonal, non-steroid eggs each day.  
    Eggs have the highest protein content of anything on earth.  
    Eggs are high in *good* cholesterol.
  • Stay away from protein shakes and milk.  They will
    give you a "protein belly".  Ionized protein powders are for
    bodybuilders.  The only time you need to drink a protein
    shake is when you are trying to put on lean body muscle (
    mass ) or your sick with the flu.  Today's super-condensed,
    high sugar milk is not milk but a HFCS mess that screws up
    the immune system and spikes the insulin.  A normal cup of
    "fat free" milk from the grocery store weighs in at 16gr of
    sugar per serving.  
  • Lift heavy weights for muscle mass / light weight for
    definition.  You must lift to build muscle, period.  Don't
    want to lift weights?  Stay fat.  The only way to gain muscle
    is to lift weights - or - take part in another resistance,
    weight-bearing exercise.
  • The key to loosing bodyfat and gaining muscle is
    conditional upon three (3) items:  weightlifting, proper
    diet and sticking with it.
  • If you quit, you will not make it.  If you have an excuse
    for not exercising or eating right, you will not make it,
    period.  The old saying is true:  quitters never win and
    winners never quite.  Regardless how cliche that may be, it
    is correct.  To loose bodyfat and gain lean, dense thick
    muscle you *must* get under the discipline of a personal
    trainer (who knows his shit) and keep your mouth shut and
    train your ass off.

Michael W. Stewart PFT BSTI
Age 47

Every personal fitness trainer has
his or her set of training principles.
The tips here were developed over
a fourteen ( 14 ) year period and
are the basis for my training system.
Clients who have followed them,
achieved incredible results, which
are clear through their
before and after photos.

My plan is simple:  
90% diet, 10%
 Discipline yourself to the
seat of your pants to eat right, six
( 6 ) out of seven ( 7 ) days a
week and you'll make it - you'll
achieve your fitness goals.  Would
you put sugar in your car's gas
tank?  Or fill it with beer?  No.  
The same conclusion goes for
your body:  you must fuel it with
fresh meats, vegetables and fresh
fruit, each day, with plenty of water -
and when necessary supplements
and vitamins.  The old axiom is true
here:  you are what you eat. Dont
like what you see in the mirror?  
Then change what you eat.
* You must sacrifice to achieve your fitness goals *
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* You must sacrifice to achieve your fitness goals *
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