"I acheived my goal" . . .
    For years, I have advocated a different style of training from the rest.  My philosophy has been
    called old fashioned by the fitness community and my diet standards were described by one
    former client as "freagin' weird."  Regardless of the descriptions, my training system works.  
    It's different from the mainstream because I am not into psychological rah-rah, chasing down the
    latest fad from Hollywood or eating the latest protein supplement.  If clients give total dedication to
    reach their full potential, they can change the way they look.  There is no quick and easy way to
    get in shape - only complete and total sacrifice to reach your goals.  

    Meeting Subash
    Subash K., a professional engineer from Mumbai, India, contacted me in December, 2009 about
    training.  Several weeks later, we met at Starbucks and sat and talked for several hours; he
    showed me photos when he was bursting at the seams (225 lbs., June, 2008) and excessively
    (nearly morbidly) obese.  I took Subash on as a client and he quickly adapted to my style of

    As you can see from the photos above, he reached two goals:   first, he lost a substantial
    amount of body fat while using Body-weight Strength Training (BST) - primarily pushups, pullups
    and dips, and second, he built thick, dense, striated muscle in the chest, delts, bicepts and upper
    abdominals based upon a solid, established nutritional diet.  

    ITEM: if you discipline yourself to the seat of your pants and work your ass off, eat right
    and come to training - you'll make it.  If you don't, you won't.  

    First, setting our goals . . .
    First we established several goals.  Although Subash started in January, it was not until March,
    2010 that we established a dedicated diet and fitness regimen that he would follow from March -
    June, to coincide with his birthday - June 12, 2010 - a little over three months.  The first two
    months (January and February) were spent on basic exercises, building what I call "safety muscle"
    in the delts, joints, elbow, back and groin in order to clear the decks for action:  an all out assault
    on body fat through moderate to heavy lifting and BST training.  

    Second, establishing a proper diet . . .
    Keep it simple.  Using that principle, we established a very simple daily diet consisting of:

  • Protein:  1-2 servings of protein (chicken, beef, fish, etc);
  • Carbohydrates:  1 serving of carbohydrates (white and brown rice);
  • Water:  6-8 glasses of purified water (drunk throughout the day);
  • Protein shakes:  one protein shake every day.
  • Fruit:  primarily dates.
  • Nuts:  lots of pistacchio's!   

    Subash's diet measured out to about 1200 calories per day (January), eventually funnelling down
    to 850-900 calories (March) to 650 calories and no protein shakes (June).

    Third, establishing an exercise routine . . .
    We established three (3), 60-minute workouts per week in my gym, with three (3), weekend
    Body-weight Strength Training (BST) sessions at Terry Hershey Park (near I-10 and Memorial)
    each month (composed of pushups, pullups and dips).  BST training was key to making this five
    month goal a success:  

    ITEM:  BST training in hot weather produced tight, dense, thick muscle while burning
    substantial calories.  Our killer post- workout run/sprints kept Subash's metabolism rocking
    the entire three (3) months.  

    ITEM:  Subash never did *one* set of crunches or situps.  Diet determines abdominal
    development, not endless sets of crunches!  

    Reaching our Goal!
    Well, was it worth it?  The two (2) photos above attest to the work Subash achieved in as little as
    3-4 months while braving Houston's excessive heat and humidity.  I credit Subash's strong  Indian
    work ethic (endemic to Indo-Pak immigrants who come to our country to work) as the basis for
    his success.  He only missed one training session:  getting a tooth filled!  The key was this:  Subash
    ate everything I told him to eat.  And it paid off.  We celebrated by going out to one of our
    favorite buffet's in Houston - Shanai - right off Hillcroft and 59, stuffing our guts to bursting with
    goat, chicken, rice and Indian nan bread.  Not only did Subash reach his goal, he realized he could
    do it.  He could achieve anything he wanted physically, by tapping those hidden reserves in his
    psyche.  "Anyone can do" he said, "as long as they want it bad enough.  I know I did."  Well done

    Update (as of 20 October 2012)
    Subash will be joining me in bodybuilding this year and next ... so watch this page for more pics!
Subash K.'s Before and After Photos

January 12, 2010 / 167 lbs.
Beginning Date  / Weight

June 12, 2010 / 141 lbs.
Ending Date / Weight
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