I rarely terminate clients, but when I do, its for a variety of reasons:

  • failure to perform;
  • consecutive no-shows;
  • consecutive late arrival with no excuse;
  • excessive complaining;
  • bad behavior;
  • laziness;

    Administrative Termination Fee
    An automatic thirty dollar ($30) administrative fee is assessed for all terminated clients.  
    This fee covers photographs (before and after),  Client Training Record (CTR) data
    compilation, online scheduling, meeting, gas and other fee(s) and monies spent by the
    Personal Fitness Trainer (PFT) to train the (now terminated) client.  

    Session Termination.
    Clients who purchase five (5) training sessions will be reimbursed for those sessions that
    have not been used, minus the Administrate Termination Fee (above).  NOTE:  clients
    who quit after their second session (of the 5 purchased) do not receive reimbursement.

    Session Termination with Special Offer / Promotion
    Clients who purchased five (5) training sessions during a special offer or promotion of
    1, 2, 3 or more sessions added will not be reimbursed for those special sessions, only
    for the purchased amount of the initial five (5) sessions.  

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