Mick Stewart BSTI PFT, Age 42
Fort Lauderdale, FL May 2009
Michael W. "Mick" Stewart PFT BSTI
Date:  May 9, 2009
Age:  42
Waist:  31"
Weight:  163.5 lbs

Prior to going on vacation in May 2009, I changed
my diet completely.  I adopted an
ovo/lacto vegetarian
eating regimen.  Ovo/lacto simply means that one can
consume eggs, milk and dairy products as part of an
overall vegetarian diet.  Gone are the days of packing
on the muscle.  At 42, I decided that a lean muscular
physique was more proper as I make the march to age
50. The key to remaining healthy in your 40's, 50's and
60's is to
eat right - cut down on the meat and add
fresh vegetables and fruit to your diet.  

However, as you can see in the photos, the ovo/lacto
gave me a slight 'gut'.  The problem with vegetarian
diets is their lack of true protein - hence the use of milk
and dairy.  Milk has the strange ability to 'bloat', and
even though I am lean, you can still see the gut!  I've
since replaced this diet with a more asian-specific diet
consisting of sushi, white rice, steak, lean pork, noodles
and salads.

UPDATE:  As I look back on these photos ( March, 2016 )
its amazing how much I've learned since then.  The objec-
tive back then was to try out as many diets as possible
to see if they worked then apply them appropriately to
a clients dietary needs.  OVO/LACTO was nuts.  Although
in theory it works ( it does ), the dairy intake was so
extreme that the gut was ever present and took months to
lose.  The OVO/LACTO works but will probably require
the client to add MORE CARDIO into their workout routine
to offset the 'protein belly' that takes place. -Mick

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