$30    - Diet Session.
$35    - Training Session.
$55    - Supermarket Workshop.
$150  - 5 training sessions.

Diet Session.  Diet Sessions take place at the MSF
Gym and run approx. 60 minutes in length.  Clients are
provided with a seven ( 7 ) day nutritional diet
plan based upon their individual goals:  loosing
bodyfat / gaining muscle.  

Training Session.  Training Sessions take place at
MSF Gym in the Galleria ( 5909 Fairdale Lane )
and are 60-minutes in length.  Each training session is
a combination of resistance ( weight ) and body-weight
strength training using machines, dumbbells and body-

Supermarket Workshop.  Supermarket Workshop(s)
take place at the clients grocery store of his/her choice.  
90-minutes in length ( minimum ) these sessions take
place on the weekend.  Clients are taken through their
grocery store ( HEB, Whole Foods, Kroger's, Randall's,
Aldi, Central Market, etc. ) with emphasis on food stuff
nomenclature, calorie-caloric background, meat/produce
tagging, production, pricing, protein and fat counts,
metabolism-oriented foods, processed ( carb ) food
stuffs, etc.  

Payment.  I accept cash, checks or PayPal
( msfhouston at ).   Payment for sessions are
made at the start of each session.  Please note:  If you
purchase five ( 5 ) or more sessions, they are non-
refundable after you have attended your third session
( that means get your azz to training! ).
* You must sacrifice to achieve your fitness goals *
Nutrition and Personal Training in the Galleria * 713.261.7113


Stud in the making!

Sharing a cold Texas beer with my client, Peera
in Galveston, June 2013.  Read more about
success story

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* You must sacrifice to achieve your fitness goals *
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