Michael W. "Mick" Stewart PFT BSTI
    Date:  June 5, 2013
    Age:  47
    Waist:  28"
    Weight:  145.7 lbs.
    Result:  Ripped.

    It's taken a hell of a long time, but I finally discovered
    the key to getting ripped.  This photo, taken in
    Galveston in 2013, is the sum total of everything I
    have learned over the past 13 years as a trainer.  This
    is the type of physique I have always wanted but could
    not get the dietary percentages down correctly.  I
    finally achieved this result with the Get Ripped Diet
    which is listed here ( below ) or in graph form.

    BST Training:  pushups, pull ups,
    dips, bicep curls, etc.


      B:   3 eggs, coffee, donut.
      L:  1 large NY Strip steak + rice.
      D:  1 large NY Strip steak.

    Every 3-4 days I would have a large carb meal to
    offset the massive amount of ingested protein.  
    No protein shakes, no snack bars, no cheating.

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