Michael W. "Mick" Stewart PFT BSTI
    Date:  June 15, 2014
    Age:  48
    Waist:  31"
    Weight:  171.2 lbs
    Result:  FAIL

    This is the second time I've fallen off the wagon.
    In February 2014 I decided to take three ( 3 )
    days off training. That turned into three months
    and the result was a nice, big, rotund beer belly
    ( courtesy fast food, not Budweiser ). Personal
    Trainers are notorious for bad eating - as bad or
    worse than our clients.  We lie, obfuscate and
    hide it well and then crash diet to get back into
    shape.  Hollywood Crash Diets?  Courtesy of
    the personal training/bodybuilding industry.

    My cycle of over eating began with McDonalds,
    Taco Bell, Wendy's and various late night


    B:  McDonalds.
    L:  Taco Bell.
    D:  Chinese buffet.


Lard Ass!

The rotund belly I burned off in late 2005
returned when a vacation from training bled
into three months of binge eating, buffets,
late night fast food and lots of booze.  Big
Mac?  Yes,
supersize that.  Trainers
are JUST as suceptable to bad eating as
our clients.  Anyone who says otherwise is
bullshitting you.

When I became a personal trainer,
I decided that ethics as important as
pushups.  I record here, on Facebook
and Twitter my personal fails so the
client understands he's not alone.
What you do after you fail however is
more important than the failure itself.

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