Michael W. "Mick" Stewart PFT BSTI

Date:  December 5, 2008
Age:  42
Waist:  32"
Weight:  159.6 lbs.

I am slowly making the transformation from
heavy lifting to high rep / high stress lifting
( periodization ) to change my physique.  The
changes will be slight and will take time.  My
eating has changed from high concentrations of
red meat, chicken, fish, etc. to vegetables, clean
carbs, fresh, raw eggs and home-made protein

Maintained a heavy lifting schedule until the
rotator cuff said 'no' then back to body-weight
strength training ( BST ) exercises.

B:  Eggs, bacon, toast.
L:  Chicken breast + veggies
D: Chicken breast + veggies

Photo:  Taken inside MSF gym, 430am during
a grueling workout session (left).  Before the
shoulder ( rotator cuff ) began to hurt, I concen-
trated on heavy lifts.  Then when the rotator
cuff began to whine, I switched the workout to
body-weight strength ( BST ) exercises - push
ups, pull ups, dips, body squats.

[ NOTE:  
Looking  back on these photos now, I
realize that the rotator cuff never fully recovered,
and to this day ( March 2016 ) it will occassionally
'throb' during a workout, which means "back off!"
To be lean like this again! :-) - Mick

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