The Fitness Selfie
    When choosing a personal trainer the best way to
    determine whether or not that trainer is worth hiring
    is simple:  look at their body. Regardless of
    certifications or degrees, ask yourself a few

  • are they in shape? are they fat?
  • is there a flat tire around their belly?
  • can they teach me nutrition?  

    Lets face it, many trainers today are fat, especially
    the multi-degreed "Master Trainers" at the large,
    Walmart-style gyms.  And as far as I am concerned,
    * every * personal trainer should be ripped. If they
    aren't, why hire them?

    The key to success is vanity, proper, dedicated
    vanity through the use of the 'fitness selfie' - those
    series of before and after pics we take to catalogue
    our success.  Yes, its vane, but its also one hell of a
    way to document your progress.  

    I have been taking photos since 1993.  Here are my
    pics over the past 22 years.

    Physique Photos, 1993 - 2015.

This page updated March 7, 2016.

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* You must sacrifice to achieve your fitness goals *
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Per my mom:  
"Why on earth are you naked?"  

The key to success in fitness is vanity;
proper vanity, momentum toward a fitness

In this photo, its clear my diet and
fitness regimen works.  Upper and lower
body is proportional, the aesthetic goal I
set a year before, attained.  At 46 (photo
taken, 2012), the best way to show how
well my system works is to publish my
fitness photos for clients. At my age
with multiple muscle and back
problems, if I can do it,
anyone can.

I have always told clients to take photos
of their bodies, to record their progress.
With the advent of the iPhone, clients
must now document their own weight
loss and keep that for posterity, while
recording their diet, fitness and lifestyle

The key to fitness will always remain
food, period.  
What you put into your
mouth  on a daily basis will determine
what shows up along your waistline.
Never lose sight that diet plays a key role
in ( a. ) feeding the muscle, ( b. ) burning
bodyfat and ( c. ) establishing the
metabolism.  If all you did was to change
your diet and EAT RIGHT, six out of seven
days a week you would never have to hire
a trainer OR join a gym.  Diet remains 90%
of the equation ... and ... always will.