Date:  June 1997
    Location:  New York, NY
    Weight:  159 lbs.
    Waist:  31in.
    Height:  5'8"
    Biceps:  14.0"
    Age:  31

    This photo was taken in the
    Big Apple when I was there for
    a business meeting.  A friend
    snapped a photo atop the Metro
    Hotel.  Having worked for Dr.
    Bob and Leah Schwartz at
    Breakthru Publishing, I
    applied Bob's nutritional
    guidelines and got super
    ripped for NYC.  I lost 10 lbs
    in 20 days.  My primary
    exercises were:

    * Dips.
    * Heavy dumbbell presses.
    * pushups, pullups.
    * running.


    B:  eggs, toast, coffee.
    L:  fish, salads, fruit.
    D:  steak, white rice.
Having discovered diet as the key to
fitness, all I had to do was eat right
lift and run.  Thats it.  I had worked for Dr.
Bob and Leah Schwartz at
Publishing.  Bob's main principle was to
seek out our diet problems, face them
head on and then ascertain why we
choose bad food - eating bad to satiate
our emotions, after a bad day at work
or worse - over relationship problems.  
It  was through Bob's New York
Times bestseller,
Diet's Don't Work
that I was able to get in great shape for
New York.  Sadly, both Bob and
Leah are gone, but their legacy of
proper diet, perspectives, and ground
breaking work on emotional eating
have helped thousands with eating disorders.