Date:  January, 1995
    Location:  Houston, Texas
    Weight:  145 lbs.
    Waist:  27in.
    Height:  5'8"
    Biceps:  12.5"
    Age:  29

    These photos were taken in
    1995 when I first started lifting
    at the gym. I fell back into eating
    a crappy diet ( something that
    would not end until a decade
    later ); I had not yet discovered
    Vince Gironda, whose
    nutritional guidelines I would
    begin following.   Instead I turned
    to cardio at Memorial Park while
    lifting.  My chest was beginning
    to grow through heavy dumbbell
    presses and lots and lots of
    dips which gave my body an odd
    off kilter shape.  The abs are
    starting to show ... which is odd
    due to the crappy food I was
    eating; that can only be due to
    age ( 29 ) when our metabolism
    is still burning fiercely.   And,
    when I look back now, this was
    back when I had hair!