Subash K., a professional engineer from Mumbai,
    India, contacted me in December, 2009 about
    training.  Several weeks later, we met at Starbucks
    and sat and talked for several hours; he showed me
    photos when he was bursting at the seams (225
    lbs., June, 2008) and excessively obese.  I took
    Subash on as a client and he quickly adapted to my
    style of training.   READ MORE ...

    Is it possible to lose 85 lbs?  Only if you have the
    drive and determination Jessica S. has.  Jessica
    came to me at 235lbs and after a year of busting
    her butt took this photo (left), New Years Eve
    (2012) wearing a sleek, sexy black dress to show
    what hard work and determination will do.  Jessica
    never looked back.  She never quit.  She never
    complained.  She never backed out.  She came in
    and trained when she was tired and never looked
    back.    READ MORE ...

    Is it possible run two marathons after having a
    double hip replacement?   If your Sean Hammerle
    you can!   Sean not only ran a marathon and a
    triathlon for the Cancer and Limphoma Society five
    weeks after surgery but then ran in a different
    direction:   for Harris County Commissioner
    Precinct 4 in the November 2012!  

    Stay tuned for more about Sean as he continues to
    break new ground physically:  marathons, triathlons,
    serving as a beacon and mentor for those in the
You must sacrifice to achieve your fitness goals
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Client success is determined only one way:  * total dedication. *  Reaching your goal is not
easy.  For every 100 clients I train, 5 clients will reach their goal.  Some are too busy, kids,
work, family, spouses, food issues, any number of reasons.  The clients below are the ones
who've made it.  Read their stories.  They are all different but they have one thing in common:
they sacrificed to achieve their fitness goals