Jessica's story reflect's that of most busy,
    professional women in the United States
    today.  A business woman with a new born
    working 40+ hours per week with the
    sincere intent of getting back in shape.  

    Jessica came to me in February of 2011
    and by New Year's Eve (2012) had a
    rockin hot body.  Jessica's success is based
    solely upon her burning desire to get back
    in shape; she made time during her busy
    schedule to get to training (twice a week)
    and eat the right foods.  I showed her what
    to eat while allowing her 1-2 bad meals
    every 7 days.  Jessica kicked ass and never
    looked back.  There is no special inside
    story here folks - she simply buckled down,
    trained, sweated her ass off and ate right.  
    No protein shakes.  No expensive
    supplements.  No bullshit.  No rah-rah.  
    Well done Jessica!
February 1, 2011
235.1 lbs.
January 1, 2012
153.5 lbs.
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