1.  CONTACT ME. I can be contacted at:

2.  LET'S MEET AT STARBUCKS.  After we have made phone contact,
the next step is meeting.  I like to meet future clients at a
neutral location
(usually a local Starbucks) where the client can maintain his/her privacy.  I
started doing this several years ago and its worked out great. Over coffee, we
will discuss:

  • Your current physical fitness status;
  • Your physical fitness goals;
  • What you seek in a trainer.

Please note:  I do *not* take each client I interview. My objective during the
interview is to
determine if the client is serious about training. This is also a
good time to see if there is a 'match' between us.  Some times there isn't and
this is ok.  Sometimes I meet people who don't know what they want and I can
steer them in the right direction or give them a referral to another trainer, gym
or registered dietician ( RD ).  

3.  FORMS.  If the meeting is a "go", I will give you the standard forms to take
with you, fill out, sign and bring back for your first session (which is free) or you
download the forms.

  • MSF Health Questionnaire;
  • MSF Informed Consent Form;
  • MSF Gym Policy Form.

Please note:  Bring your completed forms to your first session. When we meet
for our first session in my gym (which is free), I will sit and discuss your Health
Questionnaire with you.
Please be honest on the form and list all muscoskeletal
problems you have. Even if you are morbidly obese, have cancer, lymphoma,
an auto-immune disease or HIV/AIDS,
I will still train you.  Many clients I
work with are HIV-positive, have cancer diagnosis, diabetes or various auto-
immune diseases.

4.  YOUR FIRST SESSION IS .... free. Your first personal training session
free. Based upon your Health Questionnaire, I will give you a Graded
Exercise Test (GXT) consisting of
Machine Bench Press and Incline Push
This allows me to physically determine where we start based upon what
your goals are:  Adding muscle, losing fat, or overall wellness.  Also, based
upon your experience, I will give you a short tour of the gym, the machines,
dumbbells and my safety policy.  

5.  SCHEDULING.   I will schedule you into my client lineup for training.
However, please read my gym rules and regulations ( below ).    

6.  GYM RULES & REGS.  Here are my gym policies:

  • Payment.   Payment must be made before each session.  I accept
    checks, cash or paypal [ Pay Pal:  msfhouston ( at ) gmail.com ].
  • Client referral.  Clients receive one (1) free session for each new client
    they refer who becomes a paid client after five (5) sessions.
  • Cancellation. I may, at certain times, cancel a clients session due to
    emergencies.  If I have to cancel a client's session because of a non-
    emergency, the client receives a free session.  If there are scheduling
    problems (weather, etc.), and a client can take another time for training,
    the standard fee applies.  There is no late charge for cancelling a
    session.  Just call me if you need to cancel.  However, if a client cancels
    three (3) sessions in a row and they occupy an evening time slot (6-9pm)
    they loose that time slot.
  • Fees.  Go here to see my prices.
  • Package Session Rules:  If a client purchases a package session (5
    training sessions) and quits after the second session, no refund will be
    given.  Clients who have outstanding sessions remaining but "disappear"
    for over a month with no email or phone contact lose their remaining
  • Accrued time. There is no "accrued time" if clients are late.
  • Terminating clients.  Go here to read my policy.
  • Leftover sessions.  Clients who have outstanding sessions remaining but
    "disappear" for over a month with no email or phone contact lose their
    remaining sessions.

7.  INSURANCE.   I carry a full liability policy of Basic Personal Trainer
Liability Insurance
with Philadelphia Insurance Companies (Solana Beach,
Can I build a body like this?

Are you willing to eat right, seven (7) days a week?  Are you willing to train 5 or
6 days a week?  Are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your fitness goals?  If the
answer is no - then no, you can't.  The photo above is a fitness model.  Its his
job to be in shape for photo shoots.  But if your willing to work hard, for 1-2
years, you can achieve the "ripped look."

Mike Stewart Fitness ( MSF )
5909 Fairdale Lane * Houston Texas 77057 USA
You must sacrifice to achieve your fitness goals