After graduation from high school in Sugar Land, Texas, Mick
    enlisted in the military 1985 at a grand total of 139 lbs.  Because
    he was partially deaf in one ear (not discovered during his physical)
    he was consistently punished by his Drill Sergeant for being unable
    to hear voice commands.  The punishment:  pushups, pushups
    and more pushups.  It was not until the end of his military career
    that Mick realized what Drill Sergeants, personal trainers and
    gymnasts have known all along:

    ITEM:  body-weight strength exercises (pushups, chins, dips,
    pullups, etc.) provide one of the best forms of getting in shape
    and one of the safest.

    After leaving the military, Mick embarked upon a career in law
    enforcement.  At 140 lbs, he was the second smallest cadet in
    his 1989 Police Academy class.  DPS Instructors told him that
    he would have to "bulk up" in order to survive on the open
    highway, backup during a felony traffic stop could be a half
    hour away.  That meant weight lifting ...

    I'll never forget Police Academy.  It was infinitely tougher than
    Army basic training.  436 hours of instruction spread over 13
    weeks, with hours of physical training in June, July and August,
    the hottest months in Texas.  We sweated our asses off.  After
    academy I was in the best shape of my life. It was the intro-
    duction to weight lifting.

    After surviving the Academy in tip top shape (with an incredible
    six pack) he then proceeded in the opposite direction:  putting on
nearly 20 lbs of fat while working grueling 12-16 hour shifts slamming down fast food on the go with less
than 4 hours of sleep per day.  His diet:   McDonald's, Burger King, Taco Bell ... and the policeman's
go-to favorite - Shipley Donuts.  

After leaving law enforcement in 1993 (weighing 179lbs of fat) and wondering haphazardly through the job
market, Mick began working part-time for famed New York Times best-selling nutritionist and relationship
guru, the late
Dr. Robert Schwartz and his wife, Dr. Leah Schwartz at Breakthru Publishing in Houston.   
Authors of
Diets Don't Work and Diets Still Don't Work, it was in 1996 when Dr. Bob took Mike to an all-
you-can-eat buffet and gave him his first
real lesson in nutrition:  

We walked in and Bob sat me down near the buffet line.  He told me to watch everyone as they moved
through the steam trays.  And in they came . . . an army of violently overweight men and women,
piling on fried chicken, hot wings, french fries, topped off with chocolate pudding, cake and ice
cream.  The super morbidly obese held station, returning 2, 3 and even 4 times to stuff themselves
with abandon.   I noticed one enormous individual shoving endless strands of chinese noodles in
his mouth with a fork (with one hand) slurping loudly then (with noodles still sticking out of his
mouth), stuffing a large roll in the other side while downing everything with a Coke ... in one
large gulp.

Bob eerily predicted in the early 90's a future "obesity epidemic".  He was entirely correct.  Mick:

ITEM:  people are overweight not because of genetics, but because they overeat the wrong type of
food.  Bob and Leah's research proved this.  The obese and super morbidly obese eat to punish
themselves or satiate their hunger.  If properly controlled, weight loss could be achieved through
nothing more than a simple, proper diet.

It was through Dr. Bob that Mike discovered nutrition as the key to physical fitness while selling Dr.
Bob's books, cassettes and videos.  He applied Dr. Bob's nutritional standards and achieved excellent results
and at age 49 has built an impressive, ripped physique.

    Mick has trained hundreds of people from the ultra thin to the
    morbidly obese.  He was recently described by a local trainer in
    Houston as the "The No B.S. Personal Trainer" for his straight
    forward, "no bullshit" approach to fitness and nutrition.   Another
    trainer in Houston, Texas wrote on a fitness blog:

    He's obsessively opinionated and a bit excessive on his
    approach to eating but I think he may be on to something
    with body strength training.  We need people like this is in
    the physical fitness industry  - to awaken us to the problems
    of steroids and get back to real eating and real lifting.  I
    don't proscribe to Mick's style (he's pissed off a lot of clients)
    and I thoroughly disagree with his "this is it" approach,
    but Mick is different thats for sure."

    Mick believes the key to physical fitness is:

    90% diet and 10% hitting the iron.  If you can *discipline*
    yourself to the seat of your pants and get hold of your diet
    -- your eating habits and eat right, each day, every day, the
    fat will roll off your body like water.  The key to fitness, the
    magic pill that everyone is looking for, searching for is not
    dieting, but healthy eating.  If you eat right, you can do
    anything with your body.  No rah-rah, no pill-pushing, no
fad diets, no bullshit, no protein shakes, none of that. Just plain and simple healthy eating each and
every day. It takes sacrifice.  And most people are simply not willing to discipline themselves to eat
right.  But if they make a change in their diet - ever so slight - start with just one meal a week -
in time, this investment in proper nutrition will pay off.  Add to that a good weightlifting regimen,
and you have a winning combination.  

For the incredible results he achieved after coming back from a torn rotator cuff (and 205 lbs of bodyfat)
Mick was featured in the May 2007 issue of
Health and Fitness Magazine in Houston, Texas.

Bio courtesy Karen Havelstein-Nguygen.

SGT Mick Stewart
8th Regimental Support Detachment
( RSD ) TXSG, September, 2005.

Called to active duty for Hurricanes
KATRINA and RITA, (which struck the
Gulf Coast in 2005), we served as site
security for Red Cross relief centers in
south Texas, inprocessing over
20,000 evacuee's from New Orleans
and Louisiana.

Learn more about the Texas State
Guard (TXSG) during Hurricanes

Age 49, September 2015 ...

The key to fitness remains
good eating, good eating,
good eating.  Period.  Without
a proper nutritional regimen,
your lost.  Most trainers sell
bodybuilding plans, powders,
pills, gimmics.  I sell sacrifice,
hard work, efficiency, one on
one instruction.

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