These pictures were taken within four months of each other during fall, 2005 and early January, 2006.  
    They are real (I am asked this all the time).  The picture on the left was taken inside my apartment when
    I lived in West Houston and the one on the right - Bally's Gym (Hwy 290 and Hollister) where I worked
    out at the time.  Today, I work out almost exclusively in my home gym.  

    Here's the story...   

    In early 2005, I suffered a bruised rotator cuff while free-weight bench pressing in the gym.  This was
    the second time I had done this, the first occasion  was in 2003 when I lived in Seattle.  Injured, I was
    out of commission for 6-8 months and during that time, my eating spiraled out of control.  Which proves
    that even personal trainers are not immune from overeating.  While the shoulder was healing, I put on
    nearly 25 lbs of fat.  Its the same story: depression + television + McDonalds = one fat bastard!   

    However, once the rotator cuff healed, I dug my heels in, got my eating under control and hit the gym.  
    In less than four months, I lost 32 pounds.  No dieting, simply healthy eating with a complete fitness
    regimen of weight lifting, body-weight strength exercises, high speed cardio and plenty of sleep.  

  • ITEM:  The key to this quick weight loss was the introduction of whole, eggs as my primary
    source of protein during this time.  Eat raw "fertile" eggs was, for many years, the "standby" for
    old bodybuilders but has gone out of style since the early 80's and is now considered "old
    fashioned."  After my workouts (usually within 10-15 minutes), I used to drink 5-6 raw eggs + 1
    cup of half-and-half.  Raw eggs flush the muscles with instant, pure protein allowing for instant
    absorption into the body.  You dont have to eat them raw - you can scramble or eat lightly

    Years before, I had watched (and was blown away) by Bill Phillips
    and the BODY FOR LIFE  system he pioneered.  But like many
    people, I could not afford the high priced EAS products.  Sadly,
    Phillips has since left the company and the quality of EAS supple-
    ments have hit the skids. I also tried the products put out by  BSN
    Nutrition by they were too expensive as well.  

    In 2006, I discovered  Vince Gironda (1917-1997)  and his style of
    weight training and nutritional supplementation, in his masterful
    canon, Unleashing The Wild Physique.   99% of personal trainers
    today have no clue who Vince Gironda is (or was) and since he was
    anti-steroid in his approach to training - the bodybuilding community
    has since disowned him.  Vince was the greatest nutritional and
    weightlifting trainer of all time. Convinced, I adopted a few of his old-
    fashioned nutritional standards:  raw eggs, steak, 1/2 and 1/2 (for
    protein shakes), whey protein powder, fresh vegetables, vitamins and
    liver tablets as the staple of my diet.  I also adopted Vince's approach
    to chest training:  wide grip dips in lieu of the old-fashioned bench
    press.  Vince stressed nutrition however, as the central key to loosing
    body fat and gaining muscle.  If only I had found out about Vince 20
    years ago!

    Within two weeks of beginning my comeback, I began to see a signi-
    ficant weight loss.  My transformation began.  I stuck with my rou-
    tine and continued with light cardio in the park.  Eventually, the loss was so great, I had the pics taken.  I
    am always asked what I ate and how I trained to make the transformation.  

    Here's the routine ...

  • No more free weight bench press.  Most guys in the gym lift heavy to impress people - this is
    typical of the bullshit you see in most gyms.  95% of the people (mostly men) in gyms  haven't a
    clue as to what to do (they refuse to use personal trainers) and approach weightlifting out of
    some high school fantasy!  To hell with the free weight bench press!  

  • Dips, pullups and pushups.  I used the old fashioned nautilus-style machine bench press
    coupled with hundreds of dips, pullups and thousands of pushups.   Pushups are the ultimate
    upper body exercise, easy to do, free (you don't have to join a gym) and excellent for building the
    arms, delts, chest and if performed properly, even the abs.  I did a million pushups in the Army; I
    knew what my Drill Sergeants have known all along:  pushups are superb for an upper body
    workout!  For arms, I did the standard free-weight tricep and bicep exercises but went back to
    machine-weights for delts and both machine and free weights for lats (to build the "v" shape.)

  • No ab exercises!  I never did one abdominal crunch!  There is no need to do abdominal
    exercises! This is what cardio is for!  If your diet is excellent, both men and women will develop
    excellent abdominals. Abdominal crunches cause back spasms!  I do 1-3 hanging leg raises to
    work the serratus muscles - not the abs! I am always asked, "should I run?"  My answer is YES.
    BUT ONLY SHORT DISTANCE RUNNING. Long distance running destroys muscle, especially
    if you are a long distance runner.  Compare a sprinter's body to a marathoner!  Your body will
    eliminate fat quicker, faster by doing HIGH SPEED CARDIO:  short distanced sprints.  Stay away
    from Marathons!  Stay away from Triathlons!  You will simply *destroy* the hard-earned muscle
    you spent years putting on your body!  And stop doing ab exercises!!!

  • 3-6 nutritious, small meals a day.  I ate 3-6 small meals a day for nearly four months while
    allowing myself one bad meal per week (usually McDonald's, Taco Bell, etc.)  The key is to eat
    right, six (6) out of seven (7) days of the week and to stock up on the right foods:  tuna, steak,
    eggs (whole eggs), chicken, fresh fish, beef, whey protein powder, liver tablets, fruit, nuts,
    berries and plenty of green, leafy vegetables. Stay away from processed foods, sugar, soda's,
    etc.  Eat fresh.  Drinks lots of purified water.

  • Supplementation.  I took Argentine dessicated liver tablets (Universal Nutrition has the best)
    which help the liver process the protein, lecithin tablets, a multi-vitamin, fish oil and drank one (or
    two) protein shake(s) per day.  I made my own protein shake, which gives me about 65gr of
    protein.  If I needed a boost in the morning I would add coffee to my protein shake.

  • Water.  I drank 6-8 glasses of purified water per day.  

  • Rest.  I would usually get 6-8 hours a sleep (more on the weekends).  Your body MUST rest
    twice a week.  Most people in the gym see no results because of over-tonis - overtraining.  It is a
    term pioneered by Vince Gironda.  Want to see results?  Work your required body part on Mon-
    day ... don't touch it again until NEXT Monday.  We have the nasty habit of over-training.  I
    work ONE body part PER WEEK.  The training purists, bodybuilders and (most) personal trainers
    disagree, but I have come to realize that one body part (say, chest) should be worked ONCE a
    week and no more.  Get plenty of sleep and in place of doing that body part a second time - do

  • Alcohol.  Alcohol is good for the body (don't let anyone tell you otherwise).  Don't give it up
    (unless your an alcoholic).  Beer and red wine have superior antioxidants and alcohol and strong
    liquors thin the blood.  Cut back if you drink too much.  If you do drugs, stop. If you take
    steroids, your an idiot.  If you eat McDonald's (before or) after a workout, you should be
    slapped.  I've seen the insanity!  I've had doctors, cardiologists bring McDonald's to my gym
    during a workout!  

  • Coffee.  Having lived in Seattle, I discovered that coffee makes the world go round.  Depressed?  
    Drink coffee.  Upset at the world?  Have an espresso.  Now that the nutritional goobers at the
    USDA and various goofballs at the universities have declared coffee GOOD for the body (as well
    as stopping the onset of Alzheimer's), coffee is a must for the bodybuilder or beginner for that
    matter.  It can be used as a diuretic  (to loose weight) as well as an "upper" in the morning (to
    prompt heavy lifts or longer training time).  Caffeine is simply a fascinating (supplement) for the
    body.  If you don't drink coffee, try black tea.  If you don't like black tea, try green (Chinese) tea.
    If you don't like either ... hell, I dont know! I can't speak for anyone else, only myself.  This is
    what I did to loose the weight I gained after my injury.

    For those of you out there that are gym purists and beleive that you can loose bodyfat exclusive of diet -
    your dead wrong.  It can be done for those with ABSOLUTELY PERFECT GENETICS.  For the rest of
    us normal folks - it cant be done.  Until you getting your eating under control you will never lose a
    pound of fat.

    Find a personal trainer who is dedicated to proper nutrition and get under there wings!  Its all about the

    There are no short cuts, no magic pill.    The key to loosing weight is eating right, period.  Working
    out is the easy part.  If you can *discipline* yourself to eat right six out of seven days a week - the fat
    will roll off your body like water.   Good luck!
September 5, 2005
205 lbs.
January 5, 2006
169 lbs.
Vince Gironda, "The Iron
Guru" - ripped and shredded
in the 50's before it was cool