3-2-1 DIET
    I designed 3-2-1 Diet in the summer of 2013, off the traditional, American three square meals a
    day after interviewing my parents and two dozen U.S. WWII veterans about their standard
    nutritional eating regiment from 1920-1940.   What I discovered was interesting.  A daily caloric
    consumption was composed of:

  • 3 servings of protein;
  • 2 servings of carbohydrates, and
  • 1 serving of fat.

    The most important part of this diet is breakfast, where the majority of calories were consumed.
    Breakfast was cheaper than lunch and dinner combined.  Therefore, Americans commonly had a
    large breakfast and forwent lunch or dinner due to the Great Depression.  

You have lots of choices ...
Choose from the highest concentration of proteins, carbs and fat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and if
your still hungry choose two ( 2 ) healthy snacks.  Everything I've listed provides a top  

    Why eat 3-2-1?
    3-2-1 is my standard cutting diet before summer, which allows me to burn bodyfat, but more
    importantly its:

  • simple to understand;
  • easy to put together, and
  • energizes metabolism (burns bodyfat and builds muscle).
Menu Items
My choices
Meal 1
Choose a PROTEIN, a CARB and a FAT.
3 eggs, 2 pc toast, 1/2 fresh avocado.
Meal 2
Choose a PROTEIN and a CARB.
1 fillet baked Tilapia, Chinese steamed white rice.
Meal 3
Choose a PROTEIN.
10 oz. NY Strip Steak.
Still hungry?  Just two SNACKS.