Date:  August, 2006.
    Location:  Houston, Texas.
    Weight:  167 lbs.
    Waist:  33.2"
    Height:  5' 8"
    Biceps:  13.7"
    Age:  40.

    I began doing body-weight strength
    training exercises throughout the
    week, while devoting more time to

    I decided to make a change and
    start eating 60% veggies / 40%
    meat - this decision would later
    prove to be a wrong one, as I
    began putting on a gut - even
    though my diet was near-perfect.
    Vegan-vegetarian diets are B12
    deficient and I would find out over
    a period of months why a high-protein
    diet is still the best diet for clients.
    My water intake and protein shake
    consumption was up, which later
    led to a larger waistline.  Protein
    shakes are too caloric!  They were
    designed for bodybuilders, not
    trainers and normal, every-day
    clients!  I discovered Vince Gironda
    about this time and began making
    more changes to my diet, which
    would later prove to be the key to
    getting ripped.