Date:  June, 2002.
    Location:  Seattle, Washington.
    Weight:  177 lbs.
    Waist:  34in.
    Height:  5'8"
    Biceps:  13.5"
    Age:  36.

    I moved to Seattle in late 2001.
    I quickly discovered that due to
    the high cost of living, I could not
    afford a car, but that walking to
    work, my gym, to the store and
    the ubiquitous morning coffee, I
    was burning bodyfat and gaining
    muscle.  Within a few short months,
    I had build an impressive thick
    physqiue after discovering the
    incredible world of sushi.  My
    workouts consisted only of heavy
    dumbbell presses, body-weight
    strength training routines and ....
    walking.  In 2003, I would suffer
    the first of two rotator cuff injuries
    that would side-line me for 6
    months ( see Before and
    After photos ).  Sushi is now one
    of my primary sources of daily
    diet due to its organic goodness.